Farnham Castle Wedding

We’ve been looking back at Faye & Ivan’s lovely summer wedding at the picturesque Farnham Castle in Surrey.

Faye and Ivan had initially contacted us from Canada, where they live. We discussed their wedding photography over Skype prior to the big day, and met up at Farnham Castle a few days before the wedding to finalise the plan for the day. The weather was sunny, all ran smoothly and we captured some fantastic results.

Farnham Castle

Farnham Castle Romantic Shots


The venue lends itself perfectly to all aspects of wedding photography, with stunning architecture, classic features and scenic open spaces.


Rich in history and oozing sophistication and style, it’s no surprise that Farnham Castle is considered to be one of the most enchanting wedding venues in England.


Farnham Castle

We capture every detail of your big day.



Glorious gardens, manicured lawns and stunning features are all important elements of anyone’s wedding day, and at Farnham Castle we offer you all three.


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To find out more about the venue contact them at:


Farnham Castle
Castle Street,
01252 413091

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