How many photos are taken of each child?

We aim to capture between 5-10 photographs of each child thus providing the parent with a choice of images. There is no set pose and we focus on achieving natural smiles. We may encourage children to play with toys to help them relax and we ask the staff and parents to help us, as they know the children best.

Are photographers CRB checked?

Yes all of our photographers have passed CRB checks. We also work in a way that means our photographers are not left alone with the children. The nursery staff will always be on hand to help us and offer guidance.

How does the commission work?

We offer between 10% and 15% commission depending on the size of the nursery, number of photographers and the number of days coverage required etc. This will be pre-agreed before the shoot and sales figures will be provided to the nursery once the gallery has been deleted from the online store. We are offer up to 20% commission if the nursery sign up to a leavers graduation shoot around May/June and a second shoot at the end of the year around October/November time. The graduation outfits are provided.

Do you offer free staff photos?

Yes we can offer the nursery or preschool free staff photographs which they can use on their noticeboards, website or for advertising.

Is the gallery safe?

Yes, the gallery is run by a well know provider and is very secure, we will provide a password to the gallery that only the parents and staff will know and we are able to change this if necessary. Our company will not use any images of the children in our marketing or advertising. The online gallery will be deleted after a pre-agreed period of time.

How long are the photographs in the secure online gallery?

We would usually keep the images up for around 2 to 3 months but we take guidance from the nursery about how long they want them to be online. Once deleted we would provide the nursery with the sales figures and pay the commission earned.

Can the nursery have more than one gallery and password?

Yes, if the nursery wanted added security we can upload the children’s photographs to smaller galleries that are organised by class name, gender or age and day taken. Each gallery would be clearly identifiable and have its own password.

What happens if a child is not in on the day of the shoot?

We usually have 10-minute appointments available at the end of the day so parents can arrange to pop in and have photos of their child if they wish. If the nursery or preschool is particularly large then we may opt to photograph over 2 days to ensure that we have plenty of time photograph all of the children.

How much are the photos?

Prints start at just £6 each, there is no minimum spend and all photographs or canvases are delivered straight to the buyers front door. We pride ourselves on offering an affordable top quality product that everyone can enjoy.

What happens if a parent does not want their child photographed?

If a parent does not want their child to be photographed then they must inform the nursery and we will not photograph the child at all.

Do you use Photoshop?

Yes, we can Photoshop but we like to keep things natural. We will remove any obvious cuts, bruises or blemishes from the face and hands.

How experienced are you?

We have over 10 years experience in the photography industry and a wealth of knowledge within the nursery school environment. Helen and Elliott have been running photoforrester.com for 5 years now.

What do the nursery need to do?

We need the nursery to contact us and book a date when we can come in and photograph the children. They must ask the parents if they wish to have their child photographed and organise the children accordingly (we can provide the relevant forms). We then upload the images later that day and the nursery must provide the parents with the gallery password. It is that simple!

What happens if an order is damaged, incomplete or fails to arrive?

If a product arrives damaged, incomplete or fails to arrive the customer should contact smugmug.com this is the company that is providing the online gallery and is responsible for the manufacturing and delivering of the product.