How It Works

Our Aim

Our aim is to capture natural, happy photographs, which are affordable to the parents, whilst reducing the workload of the nursery staff. We also provide a more environmentally friendly service by not printing a large number of unwanted images.

The Benefits of our service:

1. The photographs taken are fun and relaxed
2. The nursery only needs to email the parents the links and passwords
3. The nursery and staff do not handle money or place orders
4. The automated system delivers the product directly to the parents front door
5. The system is password protected and secure
6. Prices start from just £6 per print
7. Photographs are only printed when ordered and thus this is more environmentally friendly
8. We offer 10-15% commission on the profit we make
9. We offer a graduation shoot to all nursery leavers and can shoot twice a year
10. Our service is a small family business and we offer a friendly and flexible approach

The Price List


(Sizes given are in inches)
6×4 – £6
7×5 – £8
10×8 – £10
12×8 – £12
16×20 – £30
30×20 – £40

Digital Downloads:

Single Image Download (hi-res) – £25

Framed Pictures:

(Sizes given are in inches)
10×8 – £65
12×8 – £85
20×16 – £150
30×20 – £200

Acrylic Prints:

(Sizes given are in inches)
10×8 – £90
12×8 – £100
20×16 – £200
30×20 – £250

How We Work

Before the day:

Initially either PhotoForrester will make contact with the nursery, or the nursery will contact us. We will then provisionally agree a date for the photography. We may offer to come in and look around the nursery to find a suitable location, and talk in person with the staff. We will write up a contract and get an agreement in place. Once this is done we will confirm a final date or dates to come in and photograph the children.

On the day:

We will either send one or two photographers depending on the size of the nursery / preschool and the number of children. Ideally we try to provide a male and female photographer together. You will always have either Elliott or Helen on site on the day to ensure that we deliver the very best personalised service and product. We will arrive early on the day and set up our kit. We use a white plastic vinyl backdrop, which wipes clean but we do ask that the children remove their shoes before going on the backdrop. We use 3 or 4 Bowen’s studio lights to professionally light the area; these need to be plugged into the mains. It usually takes about 20-30 minutes to set up and we need a space of around 3m x 3m.

We can sometimes fit into smaller spaces if necessary. When we are all set up and ready to shoot we will ask the staff to start bringing us the children in small groups of 3 or 4 at a time. We usually gather a selection of toys from the nursery beforehand, these are toys that the children are familiar with and if necessary we will encourage them to play with the toys to help them relax. During this time we aim to provide between 5 and 10 great photos of each child. The cycle will continue until all the children are photographed. If requested we will also capture a variety of group and class photographs. We also allow the nursery to book up afternoon sessions, lasting around 10 minutes each, for parents to bring in siblings and children that may not be in on that day. At the end of the day we will pack up and be on our way.

Later that evening we will upload all of the photographs to the online gallery and have a password in place. At this stage we will email the nursery or preschool to say that the gallery is live and they can inform the parents that the images are ready to be purchased online, using the password provided.


We will leave the password-protected gallery online for an agreed amount of time, usually around 2-3 months. Then we will delete the nursery’s gallery from the website and it will no longer be available online or on our computers, at this stage all images would be permanently deleted. The orders will be produced and mailed to the parent’s doorsteps direct from the online store. We would then finalise the accounts and inform the nursery of how much commission they are due to receive. This commission is then paid within 30 days. Exact timing will be finalised with the nursery in advance to avoid confusion.